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Report Cards

Report Cards

The academic progress of each student is reported eight times a year.  A mid-term progress report (MPR) is sent home around the middle of each quarter.  Official Report Cards are sent home through the student on the first day of the new quarter.  Parents/guardians are required to sign the MPR and the sheet attached to the Report Card.  The students are responsible for returning it to their homeroom teacher.  Only the final report card will be mailed home at the end of the school year in June.

The following letter grades are used at Waianae Intermediate School:

            A….Excellent       B….Good        C….Average       D….Below Average       F….Failing                                   

            S….Satisfactory                          U….Unsatisfactory

Grades are based on the teacher’s evaluation of a student’s overall performance and achievement in the following areas: 

1)  classroom participation       2)  classroom assignments     3)  homework assignments             4)  tests and quizzes


MPR grades are an evaluation of the first four weeks of the quarter.  Parents are informed to allow time for extra help and improvement. 


Credit Make-up

In the event that a student fails a core subject (English, math, science, social studies), Waianae Intermediate has a system of Credit Recovery available at our school.  Parents can also access a correspondence course through Keystone Credit Recovery.  Please see your child’s counselor to receive information on Credit Recover or correspondence.  Correspondence grades must be received by the Registrar before the deadline set by the correspondence company.