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Enrollment Procedures


            All 7th and 8th grade students who reside within the Waianae school district are eligible to attend Waianae Intermediate School.  (Those who live on Hakimo Road must have a numeric address of 87-900 or higher to attend Waianae Intermediate.)  Students must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.  Students who are transferring from other schools, public or private, must bring a release form from their previous school.

New Student Enrollment

            New students (excluding students from our feeder elementary school) must provide the following documentation before the enrollment process can begin:

1.       Release/Withdrawal papers from previous school such as Certificate of Release, final report card or withdrawal grades, and a copy of a current IEP/504, if applicable.

2.      Current Tuberculosis (TB) clearance with negative PPD and results in “mm” reading plus results of a Complete Physical Examination within the past (12) months.  Completed Health Record (Form 14) plus the 7th Grade Student Immunization Record or a signed statement or a medical appointment card from your child’s doctor to prove that the student is in the process of completing missing immunizations.

3.      Birth Certificate or Current Passport

4.      Legal Guardianship/Custody Documents IF parents/guardians are not listed on the birth certificate.

5.      Proof of Residence with the name of parent or guardian and the address written on the SIS-10 form.  Documentation could be a current mortgage statement or rental agreement or a utility bill such Hawaiian Electric, Board of Water Supply, cable, gas, or phone. 

6.      Bring the student when enrolling your child.  Please allow at least 40 minutes for math and reading testing.

Student Release Procedures

            If your child and/or family move out of our School District, to the Mainland, to a foreign country, OR if your child will not be returning to Waianae Intermediate School for the up-coming school year, please inform the Registration Clerk in the front office immediately (at least a week prior to your child’s last day of school).  At that time, the legal parent or guardian will be required to come in to sign an official “Request for Release” so we may start the official withdrawal process.  We will not be able to start the release process without a parent/guardian signature. 

            Every effort is made to ensure that a completed “Release Packet” (official release and copies of school records) will be available for pick-up after school on your child’s last day.  In the meantime, your child will be responsible for taking care of all outstanding obligations before leaving Waianae Intermediate School (i.e., return all textbooks to teachers, return all library books, take care of outstanding balance on their lunch account, etc.)

            Upon picking up your child’s official “Release Packet”, please hand-deliver the packet as soon as possible to your child’s new school.  Upon our receipt of an Official Notice of Enrollment from the new school, we will forward the rest of your child’s school records.  Do not open the “Release Packet”.  Your child’s new school will not accept the packet if the seal has been broken.