Core Teaming

CORE TEAMING (small learning communities)

Waianae Intermediate believes and uses Middle School Concepts and Practices.  One of the concepts is called CORE TEAMING.  This program involves placing all students into teams.  In both grades, a Core Team consists of 4 or more teachers who teach English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science. They each teach an Intervention class intended to help students with reading or math skills.

The Core Team teachers meet daily to discuss concerns and the needs of their students.  Each homeroom teacher serves as the Advisor for all students in that homeroom.  Most Core Teams are homogeneously grouped, that is, students with a wide range of abilities are placed on the Core Teams to reflect real life communities.  There are presently 11 teams at Waianae Intermediate.  Every student is placed on a team. 

The Core Teaming Program has made a major impact on improving attendance, raising grades, and lowering disciplinary referrals.