Wai’anae Intermediate

Library Services and Policies for Teachers

Library Services
Your school library is the information hub for the school. Our mission is to support the teaching faculty of Wai'anae Intermediate School in curriculum and instruction and to serve our students by providing resources and expertise to assist them in both their studies and personal inquiry.
Our services include but are not necessarily limited to:
  • Helping connect readers with books -- both individually and in whole class settings.
  • Helping connect students with information.
  • Pulling books for thematic units of instruction.
  • Assisting faculty with locating and purchasing educational materials.
  • Assisting faculty with lamination, poster making, etc.
  • Assisting with faculty and student web pages. 
Teacher Guidelines
We aim to please here in the library but we have a small staff and a small space so we ask our faculty to follow a few rituals and routines as well.
  • Please plan in advance when bringing your class to the library. We do maintain a calendar and give priority to academic usage.
  • If you send unescorted students to the library, you should either sign their planner.
  • Please send no more than three unescorted students at any time.
  • Make sure your students have an understanding of why they are going to the library and have the necessary materials to complete their task.
Scheduling Protocol
  • The Tech department maintains a reservations calendar for the library.
  • Please utilize the online scheduling form for reservations.
  • NEVER assume that you can simply have an event in the library. ALL staff members are responsible for confirming scheduling in advance.
AV Equipment is now procured through the Tech department.