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Library Rituals & Routines for Students

Check Out Policies
  • Students may check out up to two books at any one time.
  • All checkouts are for two weeks.
  • Students must pay replacement cost for lost or damaged books.
Library Routines
  • Always be aware of signs in the doors and inside the library.
  • Enter quietly and speak in a soft voice.
  • Push in chairs when getting up from your seat.
Appropriate Computer Use
  • All students and staff are subject to DOE Internet Access Regulations as well as the Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Parents and Students must sign the Internet Permission Form or students will not be allowed to use Internet on campus.
  • The Video Release form must be signed by a parent or guardian in order for a student to appear on either school video or Internet productions.
  • Academic use always receives first priortiy.
  • Use of WIS Library computers to do any of the following is expressly forbidden and will result in loss of computer privileges:
    • Chat rooms & bulletin boards.
    • Buying or selling online.
    • Posting personal information online without express permission from a teacher or staff member.
    • Music downloads.
    • Software downloads.
    • Changing settings & configuration of library computers.