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Team 8-4 Pūpūkahi

Welcome to Team 8-4
We hope that everyone had a safe and relaxing summer break!  As we move forward with virtual learning, it is important that students check the various online platforms used by individual teachers, such as Jupiter and Nearpod.
It is especially vital that students enrolled in their Google Classrooms for each subject starting Monday, August 17; This is where students will find the Google Meet link for virtual instruction, assignments, and other important information regarding the individual class.
Our Team Teachers:
- Mr. Ikeda, Social Studies (Room J11)
- Mrs. Ishii, Science (Room K-201)
- Mr. Spencer, Math (Room J8)
- Ms. Yoshimi, English Language Arts (Room J10)
Team Expectations:
- Follow all school-wide rituals and routines.
- Be respectful of yourself, others, the classroom, and our environment.
- Be responsible by attending school, being punctual, being polite, and working to improve.
- Enter Virtual Instruction through Google Meet prepared and on time.
- Keep a positive attitude, do your best, and set a positive example for the rest of the school!