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Team 8-3 Kū Ha'heo

Team 8-3 Kū Haʻaheo Achievement Awards for Quarter One!
Students, our first quarter is coming to an end and it's time for our Team Awards! Unfortunately we are not able to host our Team Awards Ceremony like we normally do, however, we will have your awards waiting for you when you return to school.
Homeroom Homie Awards- Teachers choose a student from their homeroom that demonstrates qualities that are genuine and unique that make teachers glad to have them as their homeroom student. 
Ms. Oshiro's Homie- Elijah Peau
Ms. Cypher's Homie- Trystin Tagata-Kido
Ms. Prisco's Homie- Kamo'i Moleta-Morales
Ms. Russo's Homie- Juanita Vincent
Mr. Vaitai's Homie- Kelia Palakiko-Gebhardt
Excellence Awards- Students who are awarded the Excellence Awards demonstrated outstanding achievement and mastery in that core subject.
Social Studies- Jasmine Henry
English- Shaeniah-Kassidy La Fountain
Science- Elliboy Corotan
Math- Amber-Lee McLouth
Mr. and Ms. Alaka'i- Student demonstrated leadership within all classes by leading class discussions, redirecting peers, as well as consistently having a proactive mindset.
Mr. Alaka'i- Shawn Book
Ms. Alaka'i- Teizha Puna-Atualevao
Mr. and Ms. Ku Ha'aheo- Our most prestigious Team Award, Mr. and Ms. Ku Ha'aheo embody all characteristics that reflect the aims and goals of our team. Choosing these students to be Mr. and Ms. Ku Ha'aheo means they reflect the values we want to see in our students, hard work, integrity, passion, respect, perseverance, etc.
Mr. Ku Ha'aheo- Kaikona Miller
Ms. Ku Ha'aheo- Shayna Rodrigues
Aloha mai kākou e nā haumana!! Welcome to team Kū Haʻaheo! 
We are so saddened we cannot meet you in person, but wish health and safety to you all. 
Please enjoy this video about your teachers! 
Click on the staff link to the left to see your teachers pages! 
See you soon! 
Me ke aloha, 
Ms. Russo, Ms. Oshiro, Ms. Prisco, and Mr. Vaitai