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Updated Reopening Plan

Aloha Families,

We have updated our reopening plan for school year 2021-2022. Please go to the link below, or to our Reopening School link at the top

Summer Credit Recovery!

Aloha WIS Parents/Guardians,

WIS will be offering summer credit recovery for students needing 1 or 2 credits in Math, English, Social Studies, or Science. Parent/guardian letters are being mailed home to students who have the potential to fail one or more courses . The letter also includes information about the credit recovery program and registration. If you have any questions, please call your child's respective counselor at 305-2700.


New Morning pickup Times for certain Routes!

With planning and collaboration the STSB Leeward office and the Operations Manager of Ground Transport, Inc., the morning pick up times for transportation to Waianae Intermediate School has been changed. These changes are necessary to address the adjustments made in the complex area schools.

Please see the new morning pickup times for the students on the following routes:

Waianae Intermediate School
LR02A @ 6:40am
LR12A @ 6:25am

The changes are effective, Tuesday, April 6, 2021.

Note the time of the service for pick up has changed. Not the trip detail or route information. Please check online at for the latest information.

Virtual only rescind request

For those families wanting to rescind their request for virtual only, here is a form to turn in to bring your child back to campus

Hybrid Learning Starting Soon!

Aloha Families,
A letter will be forthcoming, but we wanted to give all of our families enough time to prepare. Beginning on March 1st, we will begin welcoming back all students to campus on a rotational basis according to your child's schedule given out at the start of the school year. If you are unsure of your child's schedule, please feel free to reach out to your child's counselor at 305-2700. Furthermore, if you selected virtual only learning at the start of the year, your child will NOT be assigned to a day on campus. If you signed up for virtual only at the start of the year and wish to rescind this option, you will need to submit your request in writing to WIS.
In the meantime, please use this time to complete your child's bus application, purchase uniforms, and gather any other supplies to prepare your children.
Last, we are excited to safely bring our students back on campus. We have conducted 2 external reviews of our campus safety protocols. Both reviews showed that we are ready for our students to safely return to campus. However it will take cooperation from all of us to ensure that our entire community remains safe. Please remind your child about our 3 key rules on safety: 1) Wear your Mask properly 2) Wash and Sanitize your hands 3) Physically distance ourselves 6 feet. Once again, we are so excited to welcome our students back to campus. We will get through this together.
Mr. Wataoka

New Bus Routes

Aloha Parents and Guardians,
These are our current bus routes. Please note that routes LR11A and LR05A have been temporarily adjusted. When the number of riders increases these routes may be adjusted accordingly.
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