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AV Support Services

The following items are available for use on campus in the following locations:
LCD projector
Wireless MIC
All sound routed via PA system
All equipment included w/ town side library reservation.
Computer side includes TV.
LCD Projector
Wireless MIC
All sound routed via PA system
All other equipment must be requested @ least 48 hours in advance in writing. 
Presenters must provide their own laptop.
Other Locations
AV presentations in other locations are subject to equipment availability and the nature of the room or space.
Please make your request at least two weeks in advance.
  1. Waianae Intermediate School provides audio-visual and presentation equipment and technology to support school related events. 
  2. Event coordinators are responsible for reserving the space and the equipment in writing.
  3. For any location other than the cafeteria or library, the event coordinator must also list the persons assisting with setup AND transportation.
  4. NO STUDENTS ARE ALLOWED TO TRANSPORT OR SETUP ANY SCHOOL AV EQUIPMENT.  (The ONLY exception is enrolled media production students acting under the supervision of the media production teacher.)
  5. All students and staff must completely test their presentation using school presentation equipment at least 24 hours prior to performance.
  6. Any music, soundtracks, or video on a home-burnt cd or DVD must be played in entirety using the same equipment setup prior to the actual performance.  Failure to do this will result in a cancellation of the performance.
  7. The event coordinator is responsible for determining whether a presentation will be using home-burnt media and arranging for a suitable pre-test.
  8. For any cafeteria-based event, the event coordinator is responsible for contacting maintenance supervisor to request any special furniture arrangements at least 48 hours in advance.  (NOTE: Failure to arrange for cafeteria setup may render requested AV setup unfeasible.)